Case Study: MET Industrial Services

Case Study: MET Industrial Services

We were recently called out to a job at a local company that cleans out tankers between use of different materials being transported.

Our manager of environmental services, Bob Kennedy went out to assess their needs. He did analytical testing and profiling of materials and determined that approximately 85% of the waste stream was non-hazardous. Bob then helped the organization set up a proper Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for future storage and labeling of the product. MET then procured disposal agreements and we washed the exterior of totes then transported and disposed of all of the materials per Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) standards.


The 15% remaining that was determined to be hazardous still needed a resolution. Bob identified the product that was within their process that was actually causing the materials to be classified as hazardous. He profiled the material, isolated the chemical causing the issue, and made recommendations to utilize another product that would render the final stream as non-hazardous.

This saved the customer money for future disposal and their employees’ exposure to this process is now safe. It was a WIN-WIN for all parties involved.

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