Big Names, Big Changes in Sustainability

Big Names, Big Changes in Sustainability

Each month we will be sharing what we believe is valuable, insightful and inspiring information about sustainability and the four R’s: recycling, reusing, repurposing and arguably most importantly, retaining.

In launching this company, Miller Environmental Transfer has discovered that the movement toward sustainability is spreading in ways we could not have imagined — not only from corporate mandates, but from communities, small businesses, and individuals who are seeing the impact of decades of consumerism. It’s permeating its way into social consciousness.

MET - Recycle Reuse Repurpose Retain

A recent article in “green” news, drove home the fact that the sustainable movement is becoming evident in all types of industries.

  • After many years as deputy secretary of the USDA, (U.S. Department of Agriculture) under Obama’s administration, Krysta Harden has transitioned to DuPont as Chief Sustainability Officer and VP of Public Policy. This is occurring during a potential $120 billion merger with Dow Chemical.
  • Jennifer Silberman, formerly Hilton’s Corporate Responsibility Chief, has shifted into the retail sector and is the new VP of Wellness and Sustainability of Target.
  • Eastman’s David Golden has recently added sustainability to his job title of VP, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary. He’ll be in charge of “environmental stewardship, design and natural resources, corporate social responsibility and climate change.”
  • Nelson Switzer, of Nestle, is moving into a new role as VP and “Chief Sustainability Officer of Nestle Waters/North America.” Besides focusing on water, he’ll be overseeing resource stewardship and “enhancing the environmental performance of packaging.”

We believe these shifts in leadership will continue as public demand for accountability and responsibility continue. Our hope is that these recognizable names in business and their decisions to “lead by example” will encourage others to follow suite.

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