What We Expect to See in CSR in 2019

What We Expect to See in CSR in 2019

As more and more pressures for CSR programs come from the public, it is no surprise companies have been making this a higher priority in recent years. The importance of implementing these programs will continue, but the predictions and trends below are additional noteworthy changes to keep an eye on.

  • Increases in Training. With the increases of complex issues in the workplace “many corporate leaders and corporate social responsibility professionals will find themselves in training classes, peer-to-peer dialogues and formal classroom settings in order to keep abreast of changes and best practices in governance and accountability.” We expect to see an increase in formal education programs for CSR in response to these growing demands. With an educated workforce, we expect to see even more growth in these programs.
  • Focus on Disaster Prevention. The number of natural disasters around the world continues to increase, forcing many companies to rethink their approach to relief. Many are moving “away from a reactive approach to more of a proactive approach of helping communities be more resilient in the future.” Instead of staying silent, companies are getting involved in the communities they operate in and helping then plan for the future with “better urban and rural planning, and more restrictions on building and development.” As companies get involved, we also expect

  • Gen Z Entering the Workforce. A new group of employees is on the way into the marketplace, Generation Z. This young group (born after the mid-1990s) has high expectations, from demanding “better and easier-to-use technology, more flexibility in the workplace, more freedom of choice, and greater degrees of acceptance and transparency in the workplace and marketplace.” This generation is highly concerned with the environment and societal issues which puts pressure on companies to raise their standards and meet their expectations and increase their transparency.

2019 is well underway and we are excited to see businesses rise to the occasion and address the needs being presented by society. What do you want to see happen in 2019 regarding CSR?

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