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Waste to Energy

The Statistics are Incredible

10,500 tons of residential waste is sent every day to landfills. That’s enough waste to fill the entire Empire State Building. So what can we do with this waste? Make energy! With Waste to Energy electricity plants. Here’s how it works: Waste is burned to heat a boiler. This generates steam for a turbine to spin. The turbine creates electricity, which drives a power generator. One year’s worth of New York City’s waste alone (3,832,000 tons) could generate over 2 Million MWh of electricity. That’s enough electricity to power over 200,000 homes for 1 year or power more than 12% of Manhattan apartments for 1 year.


Everything in One Place

We offer logistical services in both the trucking and environmental transfer arenas. With our vast fleet of specialized trucks and equipment, we provide experienced transportation professionals in all manner of over the road transportation offers with our extensive abilities including these options for loads: Flatbed, Stepdecks, RGNs, Double Drops, Hot Shots, Specialized Equipment, Vans, Refrigerated, and Power Only. We oversee short and long haul freight with competitive rates and have flexibility with loading from our locations in Oklahoma and Texas.

Our environmental transfer logistics include all of the above in addition to providing our clients with the highest priority, turnkey solutions to meet changing needs without interruption. We perform and oversee compliance audits including RCRA, OSHA, SWPPP and SPCC. We utilize a team of environmental and waste experts who are able to discern best practices for recycling and waste management with our waste characterization and profiling.


We are an Asset-Based Company


We have 30 years Experience


A Proven Track Record of Support

We have spent the last 30 years adding to our services and offer our clients an array of services related to the trucking industry and environmental compliance arena mandated by the city, state and federal agencies.

The Miller team provides: biological, and metal-impacted soil remediation, environmental project management, a certified industrial hygienist, lab pack and loose pack management, wastewater sampling, air emissions engine stack testing, in-house waste management programs, hazardous and non-hazardous waste testing and characterization, storm water management programs, universal waste management and comprehensive waste audits.

Our other industrial services include: vacuum services, power washing, tank cleaning, truck wash , and pit sediment removal.

For more information, download our Services PDF.  If you don’t see something you need here or in other areas of our site, be sure and let us know. We are constantly updating our services portfolio.


No Waste. No Worries.

We manage all waste from all locations seamlessly. Regardless of the by-product, our clients only need to make one call. And we have a solid track record of finding innovative solutions for difficult-to-recycle items. Our team of experts combined with logistical expertise gives our clients a one-stop solution providing answers and quick recovery time on returns for recyclable materials. For anything remaining in your waste inventory, we have successful waste-to- “clean energy” options so you know you’re on the way to meeting Zero Landfill initiatives.

Nothing Wasted

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Recover.

Avoid the Landfill

Fueling a Brighter Future


Zero Waste, the Ultimate Solution

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover. In waste management, the biggest opportunity for greenhouse gas mitigation is to divert waste from the landfill. This reduces land and groundwater from pollutant exposure, and prevents microplastics and other materials from being blown by the wind, into seas or rivers.

Those items that we cannot recycle, we send to a waste-to-energy facility. These facilities offer a safe, technologically-advanced means of waste disposal while also generating clean, renewable energy, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re partners with Covanta: the world’s leading energy-from-waste company. This partnership helps us provide environmentally superior solutions, advance our technical expertise, and create new business opportunities. As we continue to help companies, we continue to find more opportunities for companies to reduce waste, and turn what use to be a costly transport of waste to landfill, in to a sustainable and environmentally-friendly return on investment.